Today has been so rad.

I'M SO EXCITED TO HAVE STRANGERS RUB AWAY MY ACHES. Because there are a lot of those these days. 
It was the last day of my internship and the ladies at "not work" so kindly treated me to lunch at Red Rock & surprised me with a gift certificate to the Kura Door Spa. I've never really had any office experience outside of the past few months of volunteering/interning, let alone experience working with a non-profit & voluntary health organization. I certainly did a fair amount of griping about my major's internship requirement, but it has been such a valuable experience and I'm so thankful for getting to the chance to get to know such great ladies.

Today also included:
- a stop by RubySnap to pick up cookies for my mother-in-law's birthday.
- picking up Devon & swinging by his mom's work to surprise her with ^ cookies.
- stealing Devon from work a bit longer to swing by the liquor store for me... I needed wine for some cupcakes I'm making and I am far too rotund to walk into a liquor store without a sense of self & public-imposed shame.
- keeping Devon from work even longer for a stop by Cafe D'Bolla and possibly the best americano of my life. I love getting to see that guy during the day on weekdays.

Nothing on the agenda tonight except some cupcake prep - I'm making Red Wine Velvet Cupcakes for my baby shower tomorrow, and maybe doing a little reading and housework. Normally I feel weird and awkward about "getting presents parties" but I can hardly express how excited I am to see so many lady babe friends. I feel like life has been so busy since the end of Summer that I haven't gotten to spend half as much time with friends as I would like. I am so so so so so excited!

This hairy boy was also excited... about magpie / "sky squirrel" spying on the porch this morning. Whattaguy.




// Week 34 Update //

// 34 Weeks //
little smoosh-face

What I'm loving:
-Maybe I've been blessed with particularly tactful encounters, but I've really enjoyed the handful of comments/conversations with strangers I've had over my growing bump the past week or so.
-Last Monday I had a lady date with Jenn to try out Copper Common. You'd think with classes being over and my internship wrapping up that I'd have all the time in the world to catch up with friends before dude makes his appearance, but between normal life tasks and periods of hibernation the gaps between friend visits grow long so quickly! That said, it was 4 hours of some great girl talk, a couple small plates, and a dessert run!
-At our appointment on Thursday we were able to sneak a peak at our bambino and since our last appointment he had flipped head down! Last time our midwife told us not to even give his breech position a worry since there was so much time for him to move, but you never know if you're going to be in that unlucky 3-4% with a stubborn head-up baby!
-This one's a little odd, but whenever I read or hear about birth stories or someone complains to me about their cramps I get Braxton Hicks contractions. I feel like I have quite a lot of them anyway, but it's so funny to me that once someone starts describing their labors, on cue my abdomen tightens up.
-All things considered, minus the normal discomforts and tiredness, I still feel like I have it pretty easy and am still enjoying this side of the adventure. I'm also really looking forward to the birth experience and am so grateful that so far everything has been so low-risk and is working right along with our plan of an unmedicated out-of-hospital birth.

What I'm not quite loving:
-So vain, but there have been a handful of incidents where I didn't realize how unflattering a dress is or how badly my bangs need some work until someone shared photos. Time to make a hair appointment and retire some clothes I do believe!
-Heartburn. Still. It went away [again] for a couple weeks and last night a banana and a glass of water had me up and reaching for Tums or Papaya Enzymes every couple of hours.
-Exhaustion. I'll always love naps, but damn, I wish I didn't need them with such regularity.
-Even up until the day my baby is born I thought I'd never be the type to be so over being pregnant- I'm not there yet by any means, but I definitely had a huge crying fit the other night over how badly I want meet my baby and how long it takes to grow little humans. [Seriously, I cried so hard that my face was so puffy and swollen the next day I looked like I could have recently been in a car accident.] Overall I feel 40 weeks is the perfect amount of time to prepare oneself and one's home, but just to have the certainty of having him in my arms and getting to see his little face and smell his little baby noggin... well, let's just say I'm growing less patient and more excited by the day.

In other baby-related news, I finally made a few baby-prep lists last night: pre-birth prep, postpartum gear, what to pack for my bag, baby's bag, Devon's bag, what to have in the car, plus a goal of to-do's before he arrives. We're still a good 5 1/2 weeks from our due date, but it's definitely time to get things wrapped up before he arrives. Friday is my last day of interning so I'm really looking forward to taking some time to spoil Owen with some day adventures and get the house in good order. My baby shower is coming up really soon as well and I'm so so  excited to see so many awesome lady friends at once!

Apparently I only took like 3 pictures this week... two of those being photos of my dog. Oops!
This face! Heart-eyes for days. 


// Week 31, 32, and 33 Update (!!) //

**This post was written & that "publish" button was totally forgotten about [thanks baby-brain!] almost a full week ago on Monday, March 17.


Intern life = Microsoft Excel life = Avoiding all non-iPhone forms of screen time life.

You know the drill :)

Weeks 31 :: 32 :: & 33

What I'm loving:

-This past Saturday some very sweet lady friends I met on twitter threw a joint shower for my friend Chelsea - who happens to be another sweet lady friend I met on twitter - and I. It was really lovely and so thoughtful of them! This is another broken record statement, but I am constantly taken aback by how many wonderful people the internet has brought into my life over the last record. Some of the best people I "know" are people I've never or barely met!
-Making "work" friends. Since early January I've been volunteering/interning with a voluntary health organization and while I have very mixed feelings about that time coming to an end -- Yay stay-at-home mom life & being finished with college! -- Boo to leaving a great group of ladies I enjoy helping! --  between gaining office experience for the first time in my 25 years and meeting a fun bunch of ladies, it's, overall, been a great experience.
-I'm at a really great place of still being able to really enjoy this pregnancy and being really excited to meet my son in a handful of weeks. I feel like time is passing at the perfect pace & we have a solid, but not too overwhelming amount of stuff to take care of before our son makes his appearance.
-We started painting dude's room yesterday and I am so thrilled(!) with how it's turning out. I'm very excited to share pictures once I paint the remaining two walls and move the furniture back. I can't believe we've lived in our home almost 5 years and this was our first time painting.

What I'm not-quite-loving:

-As expected, I've been growing less comfortable by the day. I'm tired of sleeping exclusively on my sides and feeling like there's not enough room in my body for, well, my body.
-Exhaustion is creeping right back in. It's a difference beast than my first trimester, "sleep in the car because even a 15 minute grocery trip is too much to handle" exhaustion, but it's still so frustrating only being awake and functional about 10 hours a day. At least when I'm awake I actually feel alert!
-I woke up with some searing heartburn the other night! My mild heartburn had disappeared for a few months, so I was hoping it was over, but as of last week it is back with a fiery vengeance. Papaya enzymes and Tums are my new best friends.



32 Weeks I think?
33 weeks ish. I loved this dress, but unfortunately the white fabric is totally sheer. My days of trying to get away with non-maternity wear are super limited I fear.

And because I'm such a freak for numbers:
32 days until we reach early term & can safely deliver with our midwife!!
46 days until our due date!!!
58 days until dude is 42 weeks and I'm assuming will probably definitely be here!

Eeep! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D