Today has been so rad.

I'M SO EXCITED TO HAVE STRANGERS RUB AWAY MY ACHES. Because there are a lot of those these days. 
It was the last day of my internship and the ladies at "not work" so kindly treated me to lunch at Red Rock & surprised me with a gift certificate to the Kura Door Spa. I've never really had any office experience outside of the past few months of volunteering/interning, let alone experience working with a non-profit & voluntary health organization. I certainly did a fair amount of griping about my major's internship requirement, but it has been such a valuable experience and I'm so thankful for getting to the chance to get to know such great ladies.

Today also included:
- a stop by RubySnap to pick up cookies for my mother-in-law's birthday.
- picking up Devon & swinging by his mom's work to surprise her with ^ cookies.
- stealing Devon from work a bit longer to swing by the liquor store for me... I needed wine for some cupcakes I'm making and I am far too rotund to walk into a liquor store without a sense of self & public-imposed shame.
- keeping Devon from work even longer for a stop by Cafe D'Bolla and possibly the best americano of my life. I love getting to see that guy during the day on weekdays.

Nothing on the agenda tonight except some cupcake prep - I'm making Red Wine Velvet Cupcakes for my baby shower tomorrow, and maybe doing a little reading and housework. Normally I feel weird and awkward about "getting presents parties" but I can hardly express how excited I am to see so many lady babe friends. I feel like life has been so busy since the end of Summer that I haven't gotten to spend half as much time with friends as I would like. I am so so so so so excited!

This hairy boy was also excited... about magpie / "sky squirrel" spying on the porch this morning. Whattaguy.




  1. Hooray for baby showers! I don't particularly like present-opening either, but there's something that's so fun about baby showers. Plus, everything is cute in miniature size, so I loved baby presents. Have a great time!

  2. It was so fun to be a part of your baby shower. And can we please do a Cafe D'Bolla coffee date next week? Mon or Tues maybe? ❤️